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Membership in The Princeton Singers offers choral singers an unparalleled opportunity to study and perform challenging repertoire to the highest standard. Choir members also enjoy the social community that naturally develops when making music together. Auditions are held on an ongoing basis throughout the year and members are appointed as vacancies occur.


Prospective singers should be experienced choral musicians with pleasing voices and good intonation, be able to sight-read music and have as sense of humor. Members of the group are, naturally, required to commit to the full schedule of rehearsals and performances per concert cycle, and preferably for the entire season. Rehearsals are generally held Tuesday evenings from 7:30 - 9:45 p.m. in Princeton.

If you would like to audition for The Princeton Singers, please e-mail John Cloys, Executive Director, at to arrange an audition. Please include your musical resume as well as any audio or video clips that would best represent your singing.

Audition Requirements:

  1. Two prepared pieces of contrasting styles and each in different foreign languages

  2. Various sight-reading selections

  3. Basic vocalizations to determine range, etc.

  4. Tonal memory exercises

* You may bring your own accompanist, if desired, though an accompanist will be available at all auditions. Please bring one extra copy of each selection.

The Princeton Singers is a fully-professional ensemble. Members are compensated for their work.

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